Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Teaching Online For Artists!

    2. Supplies

    1. Introduction to "How to Find Your Bestselling Course" -- A Few Words from Cathy

    2. Find Your Bestselling Course: How to Determine Your Bestseller

    3. Worksheet for Finding Your Bestselling Course

    1. Solo Filming - Introduction

    2. solo filming: The 4 Main Shots of Online-Teaching and How to Film Them Yourself

    3. Solo Filming in Action: Introduction & Pep Talk

    4. Assigment: Share a Short Video

    1. Create Your Home Studio: Introduction

    2. Solo Home Studio Equpiment - Learn exactly what hardware, software, lighting and props you'll need for your home teaching studio.

    1. Structure Your Course for Student Transformation: A few Introductory Words from Cathy

    2. Craft Your Course Outline

    3. Assignment: Craft Your Course Outline

    1. intro to choosing a teaching platform

    2. What's the Best Platform for YOUR COURSE?

    3. Now go ahead and choose a platform! Learn by doing!

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