Learn to Create Gorgeous Mixed Media Botanical Art -- I'll Show You Exactly How!

Feeling burned out? Do you want to channel your creativity into paintings of harmonious beauty that will lift your spirits and bring you back to the joy of playing with color and mixed media? I felt the same way last winter, and that is why I created this course, "Painting Modern Expressive Flowers!" Yes, even as a beginning painter, you can learn to draw and paint flowers and use color, pattern and rhythm to make eye-catching compositions!

What You'll Learn

  • Draw Flowers with Ease (and without overwhelm)

  • Paint Flowers and give them Dimension with COLOR and LINE

  • Create layered, expressive backgrounds

  • How to put all of these skills together - Drawing, Painting and Collage to create your own modern expressive flower paintings.

  • Throughout the class, I'll emphasize how to achieve color harmony and pleasing compositions in your flower paintings and beyond.

What Else is Included

  • 17 Pre-Recorded Video Tutorials

    Cathy will teach you everything you need to learn in a series of 17 pre-recorded videos. You can download the videos to keep, too, so you can watch them as many times as needed to keep practicing. Plus You will walk away from this course with 3 finished mixed media paintings that you can hang on the wall or give as gifts (or sell!).

  • 7 Core Colors

    No more struggling to paint like your instructor when you don't know what green she's using. All of the paintings will be done with 7 core colors plus white, gray, titan buff and black. We'll be using the Golden Modern Color Mixing Set (but I'll tell you how to substitute with what you have at home to get consistent results, too).

  • Gorgeous Reference Photos

    I provide beautiful reference photos of all the flowers I teach you to draw and paint.


Your Teacher & Guide Cathy Nichols

About Cathy Nichols Cathy Nichols is a full-time artist, oracle card designer, and online teacher. She specializes in vibrant mixed media paintings with layered handmade papers, sheet music, flowers and all things joyful. Her popular online courses include “Mixed Media – Painting Modern Expressive Flowers,” and “Create Your Own Oracle Deck. You can find Cathy’s studio in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC, where she lives with her family and paints her colorful, layered stories.

Reviews from Students

Cathy is a Great Teacher

Cora Glass - October 25, 2020

I was so glad to take this class in the midst of this crazy pandemic! Painting these bright flowers on creative collage backgrounds brought my heart joy. I learned about color theory, composition, techniques to draw and paint flowers, and color mixing. All these will be valuable painting skills that I'll use long past the end of this class. Thanks for the great class, Cathy!

Next Level Flowers

by China - October 20, 2020

If you want to take your flower painting to the next level, this is the course for you. Cathy is an inspiring teacher, and her art, which is so beautiful, is also inspiring. She teaches you several ways to draw and paint flowers, as well as how to create engaging backgrounds on which to place them. I think we were all a little bit shocked that we were able to paint such gorgeous flowers; I know I was! I was also impressed with the amount of cameraderie in the class, as well as the beautiful paintings created by my classmates. This was a fun class, I am so glad I took it!

It was such a treat!


It was such a treat to take Cathy's class this fall! The lessons were broken down into manageable steps with clear instructions. Projects had structure to give us a goal and plenty of flexibility for each student artist to create very unique, beautiful pieces of art. Working with collage, paint and new drawing skills was fun and rewarding in this very supportive environment. I can easily envision using the skills we learned in projects beyond what we completed in class. And Cathy's warmth, joy and artistry were icing on the cake. Thank you, Cathy! I look forward to taking more classes with you!

I’m so glad I joined the course!

Kristina - 2020

Cathy has done a wonderful job at breaking down her playful painting technique into simple, easy to follow instructions. I have learned so much. It is a great foundation. I am new to painting with acrylics so using Cathy’s recommended colours really helped me with colour mixing and recreating Cathy’s vibrant colour palette, which I just love about her work. A fantastic creative journey with plenty of practical advice to keep.

I CAN draw flowers!!!


This class was so much fun and Cathy did a great job of breaking down the steps to drawing and painting flowers. For someone who lacks confidence in my drawing skills, Cathy's method really does help produce a wonderful end result. In addition to learning to paint flowers, we also received instruction on collage and background techniques, color mixing, color theory and compostiton that propelled the painting to a fun and colorful piece.


Denise Turner

Cathy is not only a talented artist and teacher, but she is genuinely interested in her students. She will provide you with the encouragement, support and tips & tricks to get your through each lesson successfully. You will learn the basics of flowers and move your way up to a gorgeous composition of your own interpretation. The class is will give you the confidence you need to draw and paint flowers using Cathy's colour mixing and colour wheel theory teachings. You won't be disappointed! Take the workshop! You'll be glad you did.

Wonderful! Inspiring!

Joanne Ganley

This was a wonderful class and it delivers all the goods - first and foremost Cathy our guide who is always calm, confident and encouraging, not to mention inspiring. The easy instruction videos (which you can download) and well structured format. How to draw and paint beautiful flowers on various backgrounds. Selecting and mixing colour palettes. I painted on canvas with confidence. So that’s saying something too. I really found this value for money and highly recommend it. You can be sure I’ll be painting many more flowers to come.

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