Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Supplies

    3. Choose Themes

    4. The Hero's Journey Through the Tarot Major Arcana

    5. Create Monoprint Collage Paper!

    6. Collect Collage Elements - Signs, Symbols and Images

    7. Create A Deck Journal

    8. Share Your Monoprinted Collage Papers & Collage Collections in our Communities!

    1. Welcome to Chaper 2: COLOR + INTUTION

    2. Color Psychology

    3. Quickly Color 80% of Your Cards

    4. Create Your First Card: Use the MONOCRHOMATIC COLOR COLLAGE Method

    5. Romancing the Shadow Using Complementary Color - DEMO "Loss" Card

    6. Share Your First Oracle Cards!

    1. Welcome to Chapter 3 - Image and Symbol

    2. Create a Card with an Abstract Theme: DEMO "Speaking Truth"

    3. Create a Person Card: DEMO "The Empress"

    4. Create an Animal Card - DEMO: Freehand Drawing/Painting "Intuition"

    5. BONUS Watercolor Wind-Down: Turn Leftover Paint into Collage Paper

    6. Share your Animal and People cards in Our Community!

    1. Welcome to Chapter 4: Synchronicity

    2. Surprise Color Palette - DEMO "Sister"

    3. Chance Collage - DEMO: "In Tune"

    4. Scrap Serendipity: DEMO "Storm"

    5. Game Spinner, Dice & Random Guidance

    6. Bonus: Abstract Palette Paint Wind-Down II

    7. Share your Synchronistic Creations in Our Community!

    1. Welcome to Chapter 5: Practical Magic

    2. Create Digital Cover Art for Your Oracle Deck

    3. Digitally Publish Your Deck - with Shrink Wrapping

    4. Creating a Custom Tuck Box - Video Tutorial

    5. Create a Tuck Box & Interpretation Booklet Written Instructions

    6. How to Do a Simple Reading with Your Deck

    7. Goodbye & Thank You

About this course

  • $220.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Everything I'd Hoped for and More

byTera Balog, Phd Energy Healer and Intuitive Artist

"Cathy's class was everything I hoped for and more. Not only was I able to create a 52 card oracle deck under her guidance and wisdom, but it was an absolute joy to do so. Cathy lights up the room with her joy and positivity. She is a cheerleader for each and every one of her students and makes learning all the ins and outs of creating a deck life changing. Seriously." -- Tera Balog, Phd Energy Healer and Intuitive Artist