The Story of Joy of Painting

After years of teaching art, I started to notice that most creative people had something in common. They wondered how to translate their love of making art into a unique style that could grow over time and allow them to express their singular way of seeing the world. Soon I began thinking a lot about what a program for nurturing artists would look like. How could I help others tap into the kind of creativity that feels endlessly abundant and expresses something special & unique to each person? How could I guide other artists toward an authentic vision uniquely theirs? How could I keep people together and give them the love and support that makes this journey fun? What emerged was a process and philosophy that I've called the "Joy of Painting." And I am truly joyous to share it with you today with the opportunity to join me at a special price as a founding member. Reserve your spot at the Founding Member Price today - content begins January 1, 2022.

What Will You Receive Each Month?

  • Mixed Media Art Lesson & Monthly Color Palette

    Each month, I will guide you through a new art project that will enhance your painting skills and lead you more deeply toward your unique vision. Each month will also feature a curated color palette to spark your imagination.

  • A Clear Philosophy & Path to Success

    Learn how to tap into your vision, understand the path to success and chart your progress along this transformative journey.

  • Community

    Access to a community of artists who will share your journey and support you in our private, closed group.

A New Art Project Each Month

Monthly Art Projects Each month, you'll receive a new, full-fledged art project with video, color palette of the month and supply list. I've chosen each monthly project with care to help you follow your joy, tap into your gifts and grow skills in color, composition, style and story-telling. We'll do beautiful mixed media paintings, create our materials and even learn from famous artists like Basquiat, Klee, Klimt and Picasso. Each month will be a new project to spark your painting joy.

Path to Finding Your Authentic Artistic Voice

The Joy of Painting Success Path

We are all unique and have a special way of seeing the world. In Joy of Painting, I help you to tap into your singular gifts and to develop your own style. In the Joy of Painting Success Path, I share my life-changing process for finding your voice and developing key skills in color mixing, visual storytelling and composition that will bring your unique vision to life.

A New Color Palette Each Month

Gorgeous color combos to inspire you.

Color is the beginning of every one of my paintings, and in "Joy of Painting" I curate a new beautiful color palette with paint names every month. I use the palette in the monthly projects, too, to show you how to work with color for harmony and balance. All the palettes are stored in our "Resource Library" to use for future reference.


Access to our safe, private, Joy of Painting Community located within our membership. This is a place to share your work, be seen and make friends around the world. There will be occasional live Zoom meetings with special guests and bonding activities! You'll also have access to our Community Resource Library -- a go-to, always growing space featuring the best paint, supports, pens, and vendors for the art supplies that make painting truly joyful. As a Founding Member, you will have unique access to co-creating our space for the future!

About me...

Your Teacher & Guide

Cathy Nichols

About Cathy Nichols Cathy Nichols is a full-time artist, oracle card designer, and online teacher. She specializes in vibrant mixed media paintings with layered handmade papers, sheet music, flowers and all things joyful. Her popular online courses include “Mixed Media – Painting Modern Expressive Flowers,” and “Create Your Own Oracle Deck. You can find Cathy’s studio in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC, where she lives with her family and paints her colorful, layered stories.

What Cathy's Students Have Shared...

Cathy Lights Up a Room with Her Joy and Positivity

by Tera Balog, Ph D

Cathy's class was everything I hoped for and more. Not only was I able to create a 52 card oracle deck under her guidance and wisdom, but it was an absolute joy to do so. Cathy lights up the room with her joy and positivity. She is a cheerleader for each and every one of her students and makes learning all the ins and outs of creating a deck life changing. Seriously. I grew so much in this course and I am so grateful to know the wonderful human who is Cathy Nichols!

Your course has allowed me to trust my own vision and capabilities

Brittany Burkhard

It seems a silly thing, but sometimes striking out on your own, even with some experience under your belt, can be intimidating. Your course has allowed me to trust my own vision and capabilities. Also working alongside other creatives around the world and getting direct feedback from everyone has been invaluable. As we each bring our own visions to life this community has given me the courage and support to know that yes, I can do this too! You took a project that can at times feel overwhelming and made it light, approachable and the encouragement and beauty along the way only fed into my personal well of inspiration. And gosh darn it if you aren't the cutest when you teach, I chuckled along the way and more often than not I had a big smile on my face while I watched the video tutorials. 😘 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have shared.

Reconnection with My Creative Spirit

Kat Ryalls

Cathy I sincerely want to thank you so much for this class and how it has been such a huge shift in my life and my work - it’s been such a great challenge as an artist to think in a more collective body of work and language and even though I finished the deck I find myself still wanting to explore how to expand the ideas and push myself more - this is actually closer to the way I used to paint and create and explore in college and when I wasn’t doing art as my full income back in the day and I have missed this so much and it’s helped me realize I can paint “my” way and it can speak to people. I was getting so caught in the trap of painting what markets showed me would sell but this reconnection with my creative spirit has been the most rewarding experience I have had in such a long time. So thank you truly. Such a blessing.


  • Will my credit card be charged for the months before the membership starts?

    NO - your credit card will NOT be charged until the membership officially opens on January 1, 2022. Until that time, your will have access to a 'free trial' with "Welcome to the Joy of Painting" and our supply list. Signing up today insures that you will reserve a Founding Member spot at $17 monthly.

  • What if I don't like the membership? Can I cancel?

    Yes, You can cancel at any time. You will only be charged for the month(s) that you are a member.

  • Are lessons mandatory? What if I get busy and can't make art for a month or so?

    Joy of Painting is about JOY, not stress. The membership is always here to support you on your journey. You are welcome to do the lessons as they best suit your time and lifestyle. You will have access to all past and present lessons as long as you are a member. As my favorite yoga teacher always said, "do you best, and leave the rest behind."

  • Will the price of Joy of Painting increase for me, or will I be 'grandfathered in' at my sign-up price?

    One of the biggest benefits of becoming a Founding Member is that you will NEVER have your membership price increased as long as you remain a member in good standing.

  • Will the content be suited to beginners AND experienced artists?

    YES! I've created the Joy of Painting Success Path to help you identify your own level of experience as an artist before you begin. Once you've identified where you lie within the 5-stage journey, you'll be able to tailor the membership content to fit your needs. So, if you are a beginner or a professional artist who has been painting for years, there is something wonderful to be learned from each monthly lesson.

Join the Party!

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